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The Last Temptation of Cooper – An Analysis of the Album and Comic

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Another week, another story from my high school day.  Sure we ran out of comic books with the collapse of CrossGen Comics (for more on that see my previous article) but we still had plenty of graphic novels and manga.  I’ll never understand why my school library carried so many of these, including the first two Akira volumes, but I am glad they did.  One particular graphic novel that caught my interest was a story called The Last Temptation, another recommendation by Mr. Walton.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t until several years later that I realized this was based upon an album of the same name.  Now, when you write for a website called Music and Comics, there can be no bigger boon than an album that inspired a graphic novel.

Especially when the album is by the legendary Alice Cooper and the novel is penned by the counterculture icon Neil Gaiman.

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