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Cultural Osmosis: The Ubiquity of Video Game Music

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Well this week I decided to take a break and rather than do something which required a whole lot of research, I’d rather just spew my opinion at you for a few hundred words.  Except I’m calling it an “Editorial” to give it a vague sense of authority.  After all if you say “I read some dude word vomit his opinion online” it sounds like you wasted your time, but if you say “I read this fascinating Editorial” it sounds like you’re an intellectual and discerning person who drinks the finest coffee and is a delight at parties.  But of course, as you’re on this site, we already know you have good taste!  So what is my Editorial about? Well it’s part of a potentially recurring series of Editorials I’d like to do examining how certain music has become part of our culture.  Music (and perhaps some comics) that have become a staple of our human existence.

And as a treat to myself, this week I’m looking at how certain video game music has become a part of our society.  Continue reading

Down That Same Ol’ Road Again…Looking Back on dredg’s 2002 Masterpiece “el cielo”

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Cover artwork for "el cielo" by Dredg

“Here we go down that same old road again, sympathy unfolds the shell that holds, all beauty within” – lyrics from “Same Ol’ Road” by dredg

One of the things that I will be regularly writing about on this site is retrospective looks at records that had an influence on me or that I truly enjoyed.  Today’s article is taking a look back at a record that helped to shape my concepts of what music is and what it could be.  It introduced me to a new side of music that I don’t really think I new existed until then.  The record I’m referring to is the 2002 release from dredg, “el cielo”.
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