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Comics Reviews – Week of 03/21/18 Part 1

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Music and Comics

Admittedly as I got started with this website I wasn’t really sure how I was going to pull off doing comic book reviews every week.  I want to be able to cover a broad range of the books that I read regularly but I just don’t have the time to do an individual big write up for each book.  It’s just not realistic at this point in time.  However, I think I have found a compromise.  I am going to try to write up 2 or 3 of these posts a week (as time allows) where I am taking an in-brief look at 4 or 5 recent comics releases that I have read.

Warning:  Spoilers Abound
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The Curious Case of CrossGen Comics

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In my high school years I was lucky enough to know a man named Bradley Walton, my high school library secretary, who had some background in the comics industry, having worked as a writer and artist on the Cavewoman series, published by Basement Comics. During our friendship he turned my attention towards a series of comics all sharing a common mythos known as CrossGen comics. While not all of these comics were carried by our school, due to mature themes or simply availability, I was able to read through the vast majority of Sojourn, Way of the Rat, and Negation. However as I hungrily clamored for more, Mr. Walton kindly informed me that there might not be anymore coming out as the comic publisher was having some “issues” of their own.

The kind of issues where their freelancers hadn’t been paid for their work.

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Review of Daredevil # 599

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Cover art for Daredevil # 599

A lot of people feel like Marvel’s comics have been a pretty big let down of late.  There’s been a few bright spots here and there but for the most part people just haven’t been liking some of the new directions.  Personally, I feel like it has been a pretty up and down ride since 2015’s Secret Wars event.  However, there have been a few Marvel titles that I feel have been thoroughly enjoyable and consistently good.  One of those titles has been Daredevil.

The current creative team on Daredevil, Charles Soule (writer), Ron Garney (artist), and Matt Milla (colors) is incredibly solid.  They are bringing a very gritty feel to the best of Marvel’s “street level heroes.”   Continue reading