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The Quest For Kickass: Episode 1

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Summer will be upon us soon, and your evenings will soon be bombarded by the usual late night scene.  Picture this:  You are sitting at a bar with your friends which has been playing the Top 40 on the radio all night long, and yet somehow seems to play the same six songs every time you’re there.  You see a giggling group of fresh graduates heading over to the jukebox and know you’re about to be subjected to about a half hour’s worth of Justin Bieber.  That’s about the time you decide it is time to hit the old dusty trail.    What I’m saying is sometimes you have to make your own night, and sometimes to that end you need your own handy playlist of music; your “kick ass” mix.  But Kickass comes in many different flavors and they don’t always mesh.

So, during the month of May, I will be giving you my suggestions for a variety of songs to fit any mood in what I have dubbed my “Quest For Kickass”.  

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