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The Triforce of Nintendo Power

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What’s this? I’m actually doing a proper article this week instead of some self-aggrandizing op-ed piece?  Well aren’t you just a lucky duck.  But to be fair it’s still a bit of a fluff piece, talking about one of my favorite comics as a young lad and a piece of video game history to boot.  Surely those of us who grew up in my generation recall the constant televised plugs urging us with an almost hypnotic chant to “get the power, Nintendo Power“.  Well I never got “the power” myself.  I just got stuck a lot.  I didn’t have a subscription to any game magazine until I was a teenager toting my several year long subscription to PSM.  But thanks to a friend I did discover a piece of what I’d been missing out on.  It was upon visiting him for a sleepover one night when I was about twelve years old that I discovered a trade paperback featuring a collection of comics, all piled into one neat tome.

And what was this grand comic adventure? A graphic novelization of The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.  (Note:  Spoilers ahead.)  

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