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Cultural Osmosis: Movie Melodies

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Well, here we are again with my second look at the tunes that have permeated our modern society; sticking in our ears like so much wax.  But unlike video games, where the industry has only just matured within the past decade to the point of a truly mainstream activity, films have had about a century to wow us, albeit we didn’t have “talkies” until Al Jolson’s 1927 film The Jazz Singer.  (That, incidentally, is a film you’re probably better off only watching in a film studies context, much like Birth of a Nation.)  Well… as I backpedal away from the lingering edge of controversy allow me to bring up my main premise.  Films are diverse and a relatively mature medium.  And as films in general are far more “mainstream” than games, it can be a little tricky to pick out what themes are truly part of the culture and which only exist in your own bubble.   I find that the ones that I can immediately pick out have some key characteristics:  the themes are catchy, the source material is beloved – and often parodied, and the films are meant for general audiences.  All of these are fairly obvious reasons why something might become a part of our worlds individually, but combined create a wonderful triple threat.

So let’s take a look at some classic movie themes that have stuck with us – yes this is not as good a hook as I usually write.  

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